Howard Bono

Howard Bono Mortgage Advisor MLO-293827


If you are looking for expertise, look no further.  Howard is one of the most knowledgeable people in the business.  A local guy, he bought his first house in the Seattle area in 1976 and by the time he became a mortgage lender in 1992 he already had a very deep background in real estate and finance.

It is critical in today’s lending environment to know in advance what is possible and what is not.  Everything in the buying, selling and refinancing of real estate plays off another piece of the ultimate puzzle.  The goal of course is to complete all of the pieces of the puzzle at their prescribed time to get a really good outcome.  It takes knowledge, skill and the ability to think on your feet to get things done.  Howard has spent a lifetime building those skills for your benefit.

Talk to Howard and you will know right away that he wants to help you achieve your goals.  The conversation will be about you.  You’ll talk about different ways to accomplish your goals and options for avoiding potential pitfalls that could lie in the way.

He’ll tell you the truth, not what you want to hear.  He does this because most of his business comes as the result of a referral.  Howard is a finisher and he will finish what he starts with you and do it in the way you both agreed to at the start.

Call today for an appointment or get started right now by clicking the APPLY NOW button on this page.  You can fill in your information and Howard will call you to review your application and discuss the outcome you are looking for.